Sedona Port

Sedon Port is a newly started synth / pop / rock band (Spring 2021). The music could be described as a modern variant of bands like U2, Depeche Mode, Hurts or Coldplay. Or what do you think? 

There is actually a little story behind the choice of the project name “Sedona Port”. Long ago, Patrik drove around the United States one summer. When he was in the small town of Sedona (which by the way is probably among the most beautiful places in the world I have been to) in Arizona, Patrik took a helicopter ride over the magnificent mountains in the area. Then the helicopter pilot started talking about “The Sedona Port” which was apparently a portal that aliens used to visit the earth. Unfortunately, Patrik never saw this portal. But he thinks “Sedona Port” sounded cool. 😉 

The main creator behind the project Sedona Port is Patrik Pistol (Yes! It is his real name). He is a Swedish designer, producer and songwriter based in Stockholm. He also writes and produces music for different artists, TV-shows, computer games, movies and commercials. He’s been producing and writing for artists like Dr. Alban, Alcazar Drömhus, The Central Bank, CPU Suckers, HVH74 and Suezia. He has also worked together with Alexander Bard (Army Of Lovers and many more…) in several different music projects. Contact:

Patrik Pistol playing the synthesizer